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CrossFit Seek and Destroy – Bootcamp

30 air squats
20 weighted squats
10 weighted squats+10lb (at least 10lbs heavier then last set)
400m row

30 hip thrusters/ bridges
20 weighted hip thrusters/ bridges (use weighted plates)
10 weighted hip thrusters/ bridges+10lbs
400m row

30 Bulgarian split lunges (on bench or box) each side
20 weighted Bulgarian split lunges e/s
10 weighted Bulgarian split lunges+10lbs e/s

30 side lunges e/s
20 weighted side lunges e/s
10 weighted side lunges+ 10lbs e/s
400m row

30 side step ups on box e/s
20 weighted sidestep ups e/s
10 weighted side step ups +10lbs e/s
400m row

Finish with: 100 singles, 50 seated in and outs, 25 jump squats, 50 plank in and outs, 100 sit ups