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CrossFit Seek and Destroy – Bootcamp

Warm up:
10 PVC pass through
10 PVC alt. direction around the world
5 Inchworm to cobra
20 Alt. heel touches
10 Alt. elbow to knee sit ups

-100 Sit ups
*Weight on shins for counterbalance. Nice and slow*
-25 Crunches
-25 Sit ups
-25 Alt. elbow to knee
-25 Weighted sit ups

-100 Hypers (partner up)
*Mat down, foam roller under the hips as you lay face down have your partner hold your ankles and hands at your sides*
-25 Partner switch
-25 Partner switch
-25 Partner switch
-25 Partner switch

-100 Bicycles
*Fully extend legs out*

WOD: 3 Rounds
-25 Seated Russian twist
-25 Weighted sit ups
-25 Heavy med ball slams
-25 Side slams from wall seat