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CrossFit Seek and Destroy – Bootcamp

Warm-Up: 10 Minute Cap
800 M Run

Stretching: 5 Minutes
PVC Pipes + Animal Stretches

Tabata Wod: 32 Minutes
20 Seconds of Work :10 Seconds of Rest

– Alternating Exercises at Each Station
– Each Round is 1 Minute
– 4 rounds of 8 stations = 32 Minutes

S1: Squat Jumps/High Knees
S2: Tire Jump Burpees/Tire Split Squats
S3: Sprints/Burpees
S4: SB Up Downs/Triple Threats
S5: Ham String Curls/Leg Lifts
S6: Weighted Calf Raises/OH Alt Lunges
S7: Bear Crawl w/SB Pull/Leap Frog Burpees
S8: Goblet Squats/KB Swings

Items Need:
– Kettlebell (Challenging)
– Sandbag (Challenging)
– Dumbbells (Challenging)
– Mat