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Welcome Callie Hatch…

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“I’ve always been an active person including being a firefighter for 12 years, but I consistently struggled with being over weight. In my mid thirties I had reached an all time high at 209lbs. Something had to change. I joined a Bootcamp and was sold. So much so that I inquired about being a trainer and decided to go through courses for my certification. I then taught SPIN classes and circuit training/ Bootcamp classes for 3+ years. I have also done small group training and as an LVN a recent interest has stirred in nutrition.

During the last 5 years, I also found a passion for Spartan races. They have shown me I’m stronger then I thought and the support in this community is amazing! My passion around both training and Spartan races stems from seeing people achieve what they never though was possible. Seeing people challenge themselves and push further then what they ever expected. I’m looking forward to uplifting clients and helping them achieve what ever goal they have set, small or extravagant, and to keep them excelling in the upward direction!”

Thank you, Callie